Wakefield Cathedral

Wakefield Cathedral gets the prize for being the most visitor-friendly cathedral that I’ve been to so far!  Definitely #1.  And my first ever visit yesterday ~ I was most impressed!

Because? Well, they welcome visitors to do things – like walk around their new labyrinth, throw coins at a model of the cathedral trying to hit the bell (not the quietest of activities, but I loved it!), light candles, and guess what?  Yes, even take photos!

Somewhat ironic that Wakefield City is a nightmare of a maze to drive around with signposts of place names and roads that kind of seem to bear no relation to each other ~ and yet there in the cathedral is an oasis of calm, and the most beautiful labyrinth to walk around. It may be a maze outside, but inside it’s a labyrinth ~ and there’s a big difference between the two!

Wakefield Cathedral may no longer have a diocese, cos they’re now part of the newly-created Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales, but it sure is some great cathedral!

3 thoughts on “Wakefield Cathedral”

  1. When we moved to Wakefield in 1974 we were overwhelmed by the welcome at the Cathedral. My grandparents were married there in the 1890’s and our kids confirmed in 1970’s. Long may its place remain at the centre of the community – the recent refurb is magnificent.

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