Howgill Fells ~ in all their glory!

Last week’s snow has mostly gone, and yesterday was sunny and clear all day ~ yippee!

A whole day on the Howgill Fells, all along the ridge to Fell End, back to the Calf and down by Cautley Spout, England highest waterfall and back along to Sedbergh. Beautiful!

A bit chilly on them fell tops, but hey, it’s well worth it!

2 thoughts on “Howgill Fells ~ in all their glory!”

  1. Dear Catherine, Thanks for more good photos- you DO have lots of energy !! Where are the howgill Fells ? I can’t find the name on my map.

    Love & best wishes for Christmas. Our family letter will be sent in the New year, when folk have time to read it !

    Sal & Johnxx

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