CMS Link Visit to Sadberge Eat ‘N Meet!

Ah, now that’s just my cuppa tea ~ Eat ‘N Meet at Sadberge Village Hall, each first Tuesday of the month, and a great outreach of Sadberge Church!

Sadberge apparently means ‘flat-topped hill’ but I always think it should be renamed, and the ‘sad’ become ‘happy’, thus Happyberge, to reflect the lovely atmosphere in the village! There’s flowers in tubs hanging from all the railings on the streets, pots of flowers around the trees, a village garden in action, and just a general feeling of being a village well-cared-for and well-loved.  Great place!

Sadberge is on the A66 just east of Darlington, and the church has been supporting me for years and years, starting under Rev. Robert Cooper ~ and it was during his time that the Eat ‘N Meet started too – and still going strong. These days the church comes under another of my supporting link churches, St. Andrew’s Church, Haughton-le-Skerne, and so here I am for the rest of this week, with my visit launched today at Sadberge Eat ‘N Meet ~ eating and meeting, and sharing about life in Taiwan.  Met Mark, the vicar, for the first time too, he’s arrived since I was last here a few years ago…..

The Village Hall was bustling with life as always, playgroup, post office, Pilates classes, coffee shop and Eat ‘N Meet all on today, and the view is just amazing, all over the surrounding area! A great group gathered and enjoyed yummy food, tea and fellowship….

Thanks to all in Happy Sadberge for your support over the years, and for turning out today with platefuls of food, asking lots of questions and sharing in great discussions ~ a fun time!

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