Durham Cathedral Tower, all 325 steps!

My first trip up Durham Cathedral Tower today, wow, it’s quite something, and at only £5, a great bargain.  325 steps up and up and well, more up!  The top is not for the faint-hearted, and on a freezing cold January day, not for the cold-blooded either.  But fun, with great views!

A cold dull day, but hey, no rain!  Durham City is beautiful whatever the weather!

Great city, great day ~ and that Lego model of the cathedral is due for completion in 3 years time ~ so hope to be back then, in the meantime, goodbye Durham!

2 thoughts on “Durham Cathedral Tower, all 325 steps!”

  1. Just returned from a short break to Durham, I couldn’t agree more, a most beautiful city! I will definitely go back, looking at your pictures I think we will climb the tower next time!

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