Tamsui Sports Centre ~ Very Near, Very New and Very Very Nice!

Yes, about a year ago, the brand new Tamsui Sports Centre, TSSC 新北市淡水國民運動中心 (Chinese website here), opened up in the northern area of Tamsui 淡水, just 10 minutes down the road from St. John’s University.  It’s a booming part of town – the new town area, surrounded by dozens and dozens of brand new high-rise apartment buildings, new elementary school and government offices, and even a Carrefour Supermarket with restaurants attached; and all on the main bus route from SJU to Tamsui….

And most importantly it has a 50m swimming pool at B1 Level, which is open for public swimming from 6:00am to 10:00pm all day every day. There’s also massage pools, sauna and steam room, all as part of the swimming pool section.  A one-off visit costs NT$ 100 (about £2), or you can buy a book of tickets that work out at NT$ 70 (£1.40) per visit.  But then on Fridays in November, women can get in for NT$ 50 (£1). There’s all sorts of special offers like that.

It’s beautiful!  All new and shiny and well-equipped.  There’s plenty more great sports facilities upstairs, but the swimming pool is what gets me there.


So if you ever wonder where I am – I’m there in that pool!

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