On the road with Elvis….


You never quite know what you’re gonna find in this country ~ and so it was that on my way down to S.W. England along the A303 today, found myself passing Stonehenge for the first time in my life ~ and then a hour or so further along, there was Elvis and his friends hanging out at an American diner on the same road….

wpid-img_20150316_110635_1426528963788.jpgThere’s Elvis and his friends cruising along on the wall of a diner all covered with signs of the iconic Route 66 in the USA.  Driving along the A303 and such an association with Route 66 does not spring immediately to mind, but y’know there are some similarities ~ the road to the west and the sense of freedom – but well, sadly that’s about it. The A303 is slow, slow, slow.  This may be the main road from London to the SW, but most of the A303 is single lane carriageway, much of it is 50mph, and at one or two places it goes down to 20mph.  Get behind a tractor with a bale of hay, and well, we’re all chugging along at 20mph ~ ah, fun!


Y’know, I once went along Route 66, all the way from L.A. to St. Louis. Took 2 nights and 2½ days pretty much non-stop.  All on the bus.  Loved it!

Pretty relieved that the A303 and then the A30 didn’t take that long today.  6 hours to be precise.  Mostly in the drizzle.  Passed a lot of dead foxes, and even more dead badgers, killed trying to cross the road.  Sad stuff.

But then I got to Cornwall and saw all the yellow fields.  Daffodils.  Tons of ’em.  And big fat lambs.  And sea.  And seagulls galore.

Y’know, there’s no seagulls in Taiwan.  Or at least I’ve never seen one.  People ask me what I miss about the UK when I’m in Taiwan.  The answer is seagulls.  Big white raucous ones screeching and swooping and soaring and generally making their presence felt.

Welcome to Cornwall, where there’s loads of ’em 🙂 yippee, I just love seagulls!

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