Truro Cathedral

There’s only 3 cathedrals in the UK with 3 spires, and Truro Cathedral is one of them, and guess what? Sadly none of those spires are open to the public. Now I like something to go up or go in or go down, so if a cathedral has a crypt or a tower or spire, or even a high gallery, well that’s for me!  But Truro keeps its spires secret unto itself, so we could only look up at them ~ and imagine.

Truro is way down in Cornwall, the far SW of England, and the cathedral is Victorian. Kind of squashed into the city, but rises above it.  And those spires are magnificent.  Great atmosphere too.  Lovley icon. Amazing sculptures.  All calm and peaceful, despite tons of visitors all wondering around.  And all enjoying Truro ~ a quaintly charming city.

My first visit to Truro and the cathedral.  Well worth a visit.  And if one day they open up the spires, or even the gallery above the nave, I’ll be up there to see it ~ yippee!

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