Land’s End, Cornwall

wpid-img_20150318_124636_1426694409017.jpgYou just MUST go to Land’s End, honest, just once in yer life!  Even if you are not starting or ending a Land’s End to John o’ Groats marathon.  GO!  Not to see Shaun the sheep, dinosaurs, llamas and all the other theme park attractions (yep, they’re all there, honest!) but just to get to the furthest end of the country and look out over the magnificent cliffs and see the sea, the rocks, the lighthouse, and the amazing seabirds.  It is fantastic!

And even if you don’t come from Doncaster – or even know where it is.  As you can see, the sign today says it is 381 miles from exactly where I was standing.  Even, even, even if…..   You must still go. The cliffs, seabirds, fresh air and the views are AMAZING!


Land’s End, definitely the end of the land – all is sea from then on. The sites of 37 shipwrecks are marked on a map.  Plenty more memorials remember those who have fallen off the cliffs or lost their lives on the route to John o’ Groats.  Tragic. But a beautiful place to have a memorial.

What a place, it feels like the end of the world.  It kinda is.

Glad it was a sunny day.  Those cliffs are steep and dangerous.  Wouldn’t like to be there in a storm. Bet the poor old llamas think it really is the end of the world when there’s a storm brewing ~ not to mention poor old Shaun the sheep!

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