St. Andrews, Scotland

Ah, St. Andrews, home of all sorts of things ~ Scotland’s oldest university, the ruins of Scotland’s largest cathedral, and home of the oldest and most iconic golf course in the world, and right on the sea.  Oh yes, and  famous for being the place where Prince William and Kate met as students….


And home too, of one of the nicest university chapels in the country!  Most old university chapels are, well, let’s face it, dark, gloomy and sombre places, not helped by all the dark wood used for the pews.  St. Andrews University Chapel – St. Salvator’s Chapel – is in the same style but light and bright ~ and today my friends were there ringing the bells for a wedding….

So while they rang bells, I went to see the ruins of St. Andrews Cathedral, up St. Rule’s Tower, and to the castle ~ and later we went to the Royal and Ancient Golf Club, near the beach featured in opening scenes of Chariots of Fire…..

IMG_20150328_125431 IMG_20150328_130317 IMG_20150328_151824

See that white flag on the golf course?  It’s the 18th hole of the most famous golf course in the world ~ and the 2015 Open Championship is coming here in July, YEH!

3 thoughts on “St. Andrews, Scotland”

  1. How come you are in Scotland in the SUN again. It’s always raining when we go. Is it the case that the sun really does shine on the righteous?

  2. Not quite around the world in 80 days, but certainly around Britain ! It has been fun wondering where you will get to next, many blessings, Nicky.

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