Glenshee, Perthshire

When in Scotland gotta go and check out the ancestors ~ and so it was that today I found myself in Netherton, Bridge of Cally where my grandmother was born and brought up – at the Smithy….

Netherton is right at the beginning of Glenshee, and so, determined to get as far as possible up Glenshee before the rain came, off I went, up and up…..

Right up to the top in fact, to the Glenshee Ski Slopes, the UK’s largest ski resort, and the highest public road in the UK at 670m…. although now closed for the summer. It’s actually just over the Perth and Kinross county border into Aberdeenshire.

On the south-facing slopes in the sun it looks like there’s hardly any snow ~ and then you turn around and look behind you and see masses of the stuff on all the north-facing slopes……

IMG_20150330_113653 IMG_20150330_113802 IMG_20150330_114900 IMG_20150330_114801 IMG_20150330_124214

It’s the furthest north I’m going on this trip ~ so coffee at the ski cafe to celebrate ~ and back down to Spittal of Glenshee to check out the church, the view and the sad state of the old hotel that was burned down last summer and still sits there looking miserable…

IMG_20150330_134535 IMG_20150330_130957 IMG_20150330_131853

By which time the rain was starting, right on time according to the weather forecast, and I was on my way over the hills to Strathardle – visiting more friends….

In case you’re wondering, visiting friends is what I’m doing in Scotland, taking photos is what I’m doing in-between times ~ but on sunny days only!

IMG_20150326_130436_1427578941376[1]So it was that last week I was in Kilmahog with my good friends Irene and Brian who live in Cumbernauld. Kilmahog is near Callander – and the name of the place is – um, very memorable. So is the place itself and its beautiful location, but on a dull day, I focused on the task at hand, which was, well, talking.  Talking, and more talking.  Sorry, no time for photos!

And yesterday was dull and dismal, and the only photo was of a big cruise ship arriving in Dundee – but I was busy.  Busy being woken up by the noisiest dawn chorus in the whole of the country, seagulls in full voice.  Tons of them screeching and screeching.  It was kinda fantastic!

Went with friend Karen to the afternoon service at her church, Lifegate Community Church – which was great. They have a really worthwhile outreach on the Whitfield Estate, with a community café on Fridays for those in need (read the article about it here).

Such a good sense of a close Christian community, really caring for each other. And all generations in each family all together in one church.  They even have a couple of church members who are with Youth-with-a-Mission in Taiwan. It’s a small world.  We all went out to dinner to celebrate!

So there you have it.

And now here I am in Strathardle, not far from Kirkmichael, and outside it’s snowing hard. It’s freezing cold out there ~ winter is back!

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