Postling and Folkestone, Kent

Quaint and Quirky ~ that’s Postling!  Such a delightfully charming English village.  Just imagine it ~ sheep and lambs in every field, primroses and daffodils on every roadside, little cottages galore and an ancient black and white manor house.  There’s even a red telephone box with a real telephone. And an old church with wooden beams and ancient wall paintings.  And a village full of interesting people. Most interesting of all of course are my good friends from CMS, Peter and Sarah. They live right there in Postling, surrounded by lambs and sheep, primroses and daffodils ~ and there I was yesterday catching up…..

So while Sarah went off to work, Peter took me to explore the cliffs and walks of Folkestone, called the Folkestone Warren… a long trail along by the railway, a steep walk up the cliff, which brought us, sort of by chance – out by – well, an ice-cream shop ha ha! So, fortified by a large 99, off we went along the cliff, and there was the Battle of Britain Memorial, where the Queen had been only a few weeks ago to open the new wing….

That’s Peter up there on the edge of the building – in his Superman pose ready for take-off…..

And into Folkestone to see the promenade ~ the Metropole and Grand Hotel ~ what a place!  Sadly no time for the Grand Hotel Tour and Cream Tea ~ that’s for next time…..


Such a lovely area of Kent, and such lovely people to visit ~ thank you Peter and Sarah, certainly never a dull moment visiting Postling ~ ha ha!

One thought on “Postling and Folkestone, Kent”

  1. Good weather is still following you. I still can’t work out how you had such beautiful weather in Scotland. Enjoy the rest of your stay Catherine. Love, Penny Filerxx

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