Yorkshire Sculpture Park

An hour.  Never long enough of course.  Certainly not to see everything at Yorkshire Sculpture Park.  But worth it on a sunny spring day with an hour to spare….

There’s tons of sculptures by famous people like Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth and even Ai Weiwei… so many in fact that it’s impossible to look at everything – so a few highlights only!

IMG_20150411_140444 wpid-img_20150411_140757.jpg wpid-img_20150411_144535.jpg wpid-img_20150411_141851.jpg wpid-img_20150411_143344.jpg

Iron Tree by Ai Weiwei (above) is located right next to what was the old chapel, now used for an art installation about coal.  The tree is constructed from branches, roots and trunks from all different trees.

Recycled chapel, recycled tree…. it’s a fun place – do GO and check it out!

One thought on “Yorkshire Sculpture Park”

  1. You are getting around Catherine. You sound like the Americans “if it is Monday we must be in S
    Scotland, if it’s Tuesday we must be in Yorkshire. Is there anywhere you haven’t been this trip?

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