5 hours talk talk talk!


Here we are, or rather there we were, the 3 of us, in York today, meeting up for coffee.  Me, Shelagh and Diana.  And in great excitement and anticipation of such a special event, dear Shelagh had paid for parking for 5 hours…..  yep, five whole hours!  So, coffee stretched into lunch, and lunch stretched into, well the mid-afternoon.   And we talked non-stop. Lots to talk about.  All of us have been with CMS somewhere sometime somehow.  And lots to laugh about too, hence the photo.  Actually we took it for our good friend Rev. George Kovoor, our former principal at what was Crowther Hall, CMS Training College in Birmingham, he’s now the rector of St. John’s Episcopal Church, New Haven, CT., USA – and his lovely family.

And in case you’re wondering, THE coffee place in York to go to is the Spurriergate Centre, an old-church-turned-café ~ wonderful place, great atmosphere.  Do go there, and check it out, and 5 hours later, you too may still be smiling away ~ even if your head is resting on the shoulder of the person next to you!

One thought on “5 hours talk talk talk!”

  1. Wow!! you look as though you are all having such fun. York is great, but York with friends is wonderful.xx

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