Liverpool and the Wirral

Staying with my lovely CMS friends, Linda and Nigel, who’ve just retired back home to the Wirral ~ my first ever visit.  You might even see them in a photo below, spot them smiling away!

They’re very involved in Christians Against Poverty (CAP) and in connection with that, off we went yesterday to Christ the King Church, Birkenhead, part of the Priory Parish, where there’s a soup lunch on Tuesdays for local people, no charge, plus food distribution at low cost.  Great ministry to families and those in need….

wpid-img_20150414_143442_1429080308655_1429080339741.jpgThen to the Mersey Ferry, which is newly painted as Everybody Razzle Dazzle ~ part of the Liverpool Biennial ~ and it is STUNNING! I totally LOVE the design, just my kind of thing. Couldn’t stop looking at it.  And taking photos of it.  This just has to be the most beautiful boat in the WHOLE world!

And so across the Mersey to Liverpool, where we walked round the Albert Dock to Liverpool Cathedral – and I even went up the cathedral tower.  £5 for the tower and audio-tour. Actually I was only interested in the tower, and guess what? It’s got a lift.  Two in fact.  So it’s dead easy.  2 lifts then 108 steps and you’re there.  If you really hate heights, don’t go, there’s no walkway round inside the top of the tower, so can you look right down.  But it’s fun and the views are incredible.  On Thursdays. you can even go up at night.  That would be good.  The cathedral itself is vast.  Absolutely huge. The largest in the UK, and 5th largest in the world.  It takes hours to look at everything.  So long in fact, that it was almost 5:00pm by the time I’d finished, so a quick run up to the statue on the road half way between the the 2 cathedrals, the Sheppard-Worlock Statue, and so to the Liverpool R. C. Metropolitan Cathedral, where there was no time to look around, sorry about that. But I can tell you that as a worship space, I’d rather be there than at the Anglican Cathedral down the road!

And the best thing about the Anglican Cathedral, apart from the tower?  Definitely the Memorial to Bishop David Sheppard, it is absolutely beautiful.  Very moving and challenging on the theme of ‘breaking boundaries’, based on on the words, ‘Seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you…and pray to the Lord on its behalf.’ (Jeremiah 29:7).  Do go and look at it. A fitting tribute to a bishop who did so much, along with the R.C. archbishop, Derek Worlock, in reconciliation between the different communities.

Thank you Nigel and Linda for a wonderful stay ~ there’s so much to see and do in the area that 2 months would never be enough, let alone 2 days!  Great place, and lovely people. Oh yes and there’s the coast too that we visited – so much in such a short time, fantastic!

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