New Month, New CMS Link Letter, New House!

Ah, June, a new month!  Except that I’m only just surfacing – and realizing that 9 days of June has already passed. Ah well!

However the good news is that, at long last, and a whole long year since the last one was published ~ hot off the press comes my latest CMS Link Letter ~ click on the link below….

Lee, Catherine 66

In it, you will see that the big event of this month so far was moving house on June 1. Yep, it all happened as planned, with a huge amount of help from many people, and I’ve been unpacking boxes and sorting out ever since.  Like y’do.  June in Taiwan is not the coolest month for moving anything anywhere.  But hey, it’s happened and it’s done ~ YES!

The Wednesday before the big move, Rev. Lennon Chang and a small group from Advent Church kindly came along for the New House Blessing and Holy Communion ~ very moving and very meaningful.  Everyone has been so kind, and done so much, and look, even Tan Mama turned up on the night!

Since then, lots of people have been to have a look and offer advice on what to put where ~ but until this weekend it was all chaos, yep chaos – stuff everywhere!

Last night was the first group who actually got a chance to sit down ~ and here they are! All colleagues from St. John’s University, we were originally all in the same office together ~ so we had a great evening of food and fun, and a quick visit to my new house!


And in case you’re wondering, that beautiful table-covering above was a gift from Bishop Dixie Taclobao and the Igorot people in the Episcopal Diocese of Central Philippines, given on our visit there 2-3 years ago – the ladies there wear them and dance – but y’know my dancing is so terrible and, well, it just looks so stunningly beautiful on the table!

A New Month, New CMS Link Letter, New House ~ it’s all happening ~ YES!


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