Summer on the Northern Tip of Taiwan!

It’s midsummer and hot hot hot ~ temps in the mid 30’s all day, and still hot at night ~ so the early morning is the time to be out ~ YES!

Walked today around the northern tip of Taiwan, Baishawan Beach, Fugui Harbour and Lighthouse (built by the Japanese in 1897 ~ on the actual northern tip of Taiwan), Laomei algal reefs and Shimen Arch. Plus a few fancy places in-between, the wedding plaza, the new Sunrise Inn!

Beautiful scenery, stunning views, blue skies and blue sea, and a very nice fresh sea breeze…. it’s really such a great place to be!

2 thoughts on “Summer on the Northern Tip of Taiwan!”

  1. That looks like such a beautiful place. We are so glad that you are having fun, enjoyevery minute.
    Much love,
    Phil and Penny Filer Beccles UK

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