Bitterly Bitter and Bitterly Bad Bitter Gourd 苦瓜!

There’s only one way to cook it for it not to taste bitter in my humble opinion, and that’s the Hakka style stir-fry. Otherwise it is just disgusting!  Bitter it is, and always will be.  In juice and in soup, pickled and in a thousand other ways.  It is just awful.

Definitely an acquired taste!

Bitter melon or bitter gourd is very popular here in Taiwan, and yesterday I found some growing just up the road.  So here it is – mostly covered in bags to stop the birds and squirrels from eating it.  Do they really like it, I ask myself?


But of course, like all other disgusting things, it’s very good for your health, groan groan, ha ha!

Give me stinky tofu, chicken feet and all the other supposedly disgusting delicacies so much enjoyed in Taiwan, give me those any day, but bitter gourd?  No way!  Only stir-fried Hakka style please!

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