Welcoming Bishop and Mrs. Lily Lai and so many lovely people!


Sunday afternoon – after our confirmation service at Advent Church at 10:00am and then our usual lunch at church – was a great opportunity to invite Bishop and Mrs. Lily Lai to come to visit my new house in Sanzhi 三芝, and what a great opportunity also to invite the older people in our congregation who normally meet on Sunday afternoon for 2 hours of Bible Study and fellowship ~ YES!

Plus anyone else who wanted to come along – with an offer of huge amounts of ice-cream and Bishop Lai’s Chinese Tea!  So neighbours and friends and a student and 2 children also came along, at least 25, if not 30 people.  Couldn’t get them all in one photo!  Couldn’t get them all in one room either.  Half were out the back!  And yes, we drank Bishop Lai’s wonderful tea and ate all sorts of cakes and fruits, and had a great time!

We listened to tales of life in South America from Mrs. Wang’s mother who has spent many years in Brazil and Paraguay, we heard the Gospel reading of the day, memorised as always by Mr. Chang, and shared together about faith and the morning’s confirmation service, and after a prayer of blessing, finally we said goodbye ~ thanks everyone so much for coming, and do come again!

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