Good Shepherd Church ~ New Lift Tower!

Ah, my summer at Good Shepherd Church, Shilin, Taipei leading an English Bible Summer Camp for a class of primary-aged children is finally over…. oh so many blessings!

And one of the excitements on the sidelines was the ongoing installation of Good Shepherd’s long-awaited and first ever lift / elevator on the outside of the main administrative building. It’s going to be just so much easier for the older people going to their classes on the second floor, and all the floors above – the church office, the rectory and everywhere in-between.

So a summer of dust, drilling, smoke, scaffolding, paint and workmen ~ but a few days ago finally the outside scaffolding came down and the lift tower and its new cross at the top was revealed to the world ~ and it looks great!

Praying for the safe and smooth completion of the work and the benefits it’ll bring to the Good Shepherd ministry!

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