Thornham Parva Retable ~ Stunning!

St. Mary’s Church, Thornham Parva in deepest Suffolk is just about everybody’s favorite UK church!  Very small, very quaint, very thatched and very very old.  It also happens to be one of my supporting churches and the people are wonderful ~ I visited them earlier this year (see my blog post here) ~ the salt of the earth!

The church is also very famous for the retable that hangs above the altar, apparently the largest surviving altar-piece from the English Middle Ages.  St. Catherine is second left, holding her wheel ~ so I bought lots of postcards of the retable to give to all our clergy on my return to Taiwan….

And now I’ve just received a Christmas card from my good friends in Thornham Parva, titled ‘Altarpiece in Dazzle Camouflage (Thornham Parva)’, a woodcut on Japanese paper, by Jonathan Lloyd 2015, his studio is in Northumberland ~ isn’t it just beautiful?



2 thoughts on “Thornham Parva Retable ~ Stunning!”

  1. Thanks for the heads up Catherine! It’s been wonderful to lend the study for ‘Altarpiece in Dazzle Camouflage’ to St Mary’s. Jonathan x

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