St. Timothy’s Church, Kaohsiung ~ and such a warm welcome!

A great weekend at St. Timothy’s Church!   Since I was last there, our good friends, Rev. Richard Lee and his wife and family (previously at Trinity Church, Keelung) have moved there, Richard is the new rector.  Actually they’ve already been there about a year, so they’re getting used to the warmer climate, big city life, a big rectory, and of course services being all in Taiwanese!

It was a great honour to be in Kaohsiung with Mrs. Grace Chien, widow of Bishop John Chien ~ and our first port of call was to say hello to her sister, and they don’t half look alike!  Her sister grows figs in her garden, beautiful!

Our good friend, Mrs. Hsu Pai-Hui from St. Timothy’s Church took really good care of us, taking us out and about to Siaolin and Holy Mt. Zion, and then last night she also took us to visit the lights of a Presbyterian Church in Kaohsiung, now a major tourist attraction!

And so to today’s service, which included the commissioning of the new Vestry members. Before the service, the congregation had 3 different groups going on – Bible Studies in Chinese and Taiwanese, and another group for those doing an Evangelism Explosion course on door-to-door evangelism.  After the service and lunch, they had cell groups, one for the women, one for the men, led by Richard and his wife.  A busy place!

St. Timothy’s is a large building, the actual church is several floors up, and there’s plenty of space for meetings and activities.  The bottom floors are let to a private company Osim (hence the advertising billboards); the church has the parking basement, an entrance on the first floor, and then from the third floor upwards.  There were about 50 in the congregation, and maybe 10 in the Sunday School, and it was wonderful to reconnect with many church members I hadn’t seen for ages.  2 of them even gathered to sing to Mrs. Grace Chien after the lunch!

Please do pray for St. Timothy’s Church, Rev. Richard Lee and his family, the new Vestry members and all their church members.  Such a friendly church, such lovely people, so involved in outreach in the community ~ YES! PRAISE GOD!

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