Tour de Taiwan 2016 ~ Go Go Go!

IMG_7279Today is the second stage of the Tour de Taiwan, a round-Taiwan international cycle race that started yesterday in Taipei. It’s a bit grey out there this morning, but probably ideal for cycling.  Today they’re doing 114.67 km, from Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf around the northern coast, up Yang-Ming Shan a little, and finishing at Baishawan Visitors Centre around lunch time.

Much excitement outside St. John’s University this morning as a whole crowd of students and staff gathered to cheer the cyclists on their way, we had flags, a big drum and lion dancers too!  The procession of course started with police motorbikes, cars, VIPs ~ and finally a whole crowd of cyclists, who zoomed past in a great big blur ~ in about one second flat!

加油,  加油,  加油! Jia-yo, jia-yo, jia-yo!  Go go go!  Come on, come on, come on!  YEAH!

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