Advent Church: a special welcome to Bishop and Mrs. Lily Lai!


Today Bishop Lai and Mrs. Lily Lai came to Advent Church ~ a big welcome!  3 people were confirmed, 2 of them are members of our choir, one of whom started coming as a result of attending our community English class.   Today was also a very special day for the Tan family ~ Tan Mama was taken ill in early January and in a sort of coma for about a month, but she’s gradually improved, and today was able to come to church for the first time with all the family, and receive communion and a blessing from Bishop Lai.

And after the service, we all went round to the newly-built and nearly-finished church centre for the blessing of the newly-made and just-installed cross!

The cross is made from wood of a tree that was growing on the site before, and had come to the end of it’s natural life.  Bishop Lai likes to inscribe pieces of wood with Chinese calligraphy, especially words from the Bible, and so the wood was delivered to his office, and he’s been keeping it well oiled ever since. One particular piece was large enough and suitable for making into a cross, and Mr. Liou from Hsinchu R. C. Church has done a great job.  It took 3 strong men to hoist it up and set it in place a few days ago ~ and now Bishop Lai has given his blessing!

So wonderful to have the Tan family back with us, so wonderful to have 3 newly-confirmed members of our congregation, and so wonderful to welcome Bishop and Mrs. Lai!

And in case you’re wondering, today is Mothering Sunday, but Mother’s Day is celebrated in May in Taiwan ~ so Happy Mothering Sunday to all who are celebrating ~ ‘n especially those of you in the UK!

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