Congratulations to Michael, Hany, the Lee family and all at St. Peter’s Church, Chiayi!

A very special day yesterday at the beautiful St. Peter’s Church for the wedding of a very lovely couple, Michael and Hany Lee!


The newly-restored church looked stunning, and of course it was a real church family event ~ St. Peter’s excels at being a really close church family!  Michael’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lee are devoted members of St. Peter’s, his father is on the church committee, and his mother is chair of St. Peter’s ECW (Episcopal Church Women).  So together with Rev. Simon Tsou and all their friends in the church, they planned and organized all the wedding themselves, including doing all the flowers and most of the food and drinks.  A group of ladies were arranging flowers and cooking until after 11:00 pm on Friday night, and then up again early yesterday to cut up fruit and lay everything out, helped by the youth group, all dressed in yellow.  Even little Jonah was trying to help out, he was so excited to be a flower boy!

The Lee family also got together to sing in a choir for the occasion with flute accompaniment, and the church choir also sang. Bishop Lai and Mrs. Lily Lai, Mrs. Grace Chien, all of us had traveled from Taipei specially for the wedding.  Bishop Lai gave the final blessing.  Altogether about 85 guests, family members and church friends – but enough food for double that number!  Here we all are…


A very lovely – and a very international – wedding!  Michael and his family immigrated from Taiwan to Brisbane, Australia when he was very young, and he continues to live there, but in more recent years his parents have returned home to Chiayi and joined St. Peter’s Church, having become Christians along the way.  Hany is from S. Korea and went to Brisbane to study, which is where she met Michael and where they will live.  So the bride and groom communicate in English, and Hany translates into Korean for her parents.  They’re also traveling with some Australian friends, so it’s quite a group!

So they had the formal wedding registration in Brisbane, then the big wedding in Korea last week, the big wedding in Taiwan this weekend, and when they return to Brisbane, they’ll have a big party to celebrate.   This has all taken over a month.  Oh yes and a few days honeymoon in Thailand on the way back to Brisbane.   Today they’re in Taipei showing their Korean family the sights and sounds of Taiwan’s capital city before they all leave tomorrow!

Michael’s family name is Lee. Hany’s family name is also Lee.  Me too.  One big happy Lee family from 3 different countries lol!

Such a wonderful day!  The church members were amazing, so hospitable, so welcoming and they have all devoted so much time and energy to making food and drinks, arranging flowers and getting everything ready.  Many of them were also attending the evening’s formal wedding banquet.  Sadly not us, we had to get back to Taipei.

Ah, St. Peter’s is such a great little church ~ and for Mrs. Grace Chien, who’s recently moved up to Advent Church from St. Peter’s Church, it was such a delight for her to be back at St. Peter’s and meet all her old friends.  Here we all are!


Such a happy day for everyone ~ and especially many congratulations to Michael, Hany and both Lee families!

2 thoughts on “Congratulations to Michael, Hany, the Lee family and all at St. Peter’s Church, Chiayi!”

  1. Thank you Catherine for taking such beautiful pictures of our wedding! Hope we will meet again in the future, it was great to have you on our special day. All the best and God bless

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