Diocese of Taiwan Staff Christmas and New Year Gathering!

Yesterday was our diocesan office staff Christmas and New Year gathering in Taipei ~ two tables of smiling people about to start on a very delicious lunch!  Bishop Lai and his wife also invited those in honorary diocesan positions, Canon Chancellor Herbert H. P. Ma and his wife, Aline, Diocesan Secretary, Mr. Yang and his wife, Diocesan Treasurer Mrs. Amy Lin, Chair of the Diocesan Kindergartens Committee, Mrs. Grace Liu and husband Rev. Michael T. H. Liu, and Chief Record-Keeper for Synod, Rev. Peter Chen and Rev. Elizabeth Wei. Plus the 5 regular diocesan staff, Mr. John Chuang, Mr. Chang, Yu-Hsia, Si-San and Hui-Ling.  I was honored to be invited too.  Si-San is our cashier and is expecting her first baby in a few weeks time, so everyone is very excited!   Here’s everyone (except Mr. Chang who was still parking the car in a far-off car-park) ~ toasting you all with tea to wish you a Happy New Year!

img_2809 img_2812

With grateful thanks to all for your prayers and support this past year ~ and here’s to a peaceful, happy and blessed New Year 2017!

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