My Kinda Art @ Taichung!

Every month off I go to Taichung to do the sermon in the St. James’ Church English Service, usually on the bus or train, and occasionally, just occasionally by High Speed Rail. Saturday was a rare HSR day….

St. James’ Church is right opposite the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, and even though I pass along the art museum skywalk every time on my morning exercise, actually I hardly ever go in the museum itself. Sorry about that.  Yes, the museum is all free, but still, y’know, I hardly ever go in. Except this weekend, I happened to notice that down below in the museum was a sort of street market art installation….

So yesterday afternoon in I went, and yes the street market art is really amazing.  Like the kind of thing we make for role play in a kindergarten classroom.  Except this is Art with a capital A, and you can only look and not touch.  But it’s wonderful!  Love it!

There’s also an exhibition on indigenous art, this painting is by Taiwan Paiwan artist, Etan Pavavalung titled ‘Migrate’.

Another piece, by a different artist using driftwood collected from Typhoon Morakot in 2009….

The art museum in Taichung is connected by a green walkway that goes for several miles, and ends up at the Science Museum.  Also part of the morning exercise!  At the far end is the science museum tropical greenhouse kind of shaped like a giant spider, and outside is the large horrible insect…. ha ha!

Ah yes, gotta make the most of my visits to Taichung!

One thought on “My Kinda Art @ Taichung!”

  1. Hi Catherine,

    I love the painting ‘migrate’ – very beautiful!

    Hope the sermon went well.



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