A Splash of Sunshine….

Reflections on the water bamboo field in Sanzhi early this morning….

‘Each day I seek a sunbeam,
a luminous moment of grace,
be it a poetic passage,
a compassionate glance,
an affirmative word.
Just a single sunbeam,
nothing more.
This morning while walking,
a splash of sunshine
fell upon a maple tree.
It was too much,
like the Mount Tabor epiphany,
and I turned away, overwhelmed.
I walked on
asking God to turn down His glory
lest I, like Milton,
too soon would lose my sight.’

(‘A Splash of Sunshine’ by Robert F. Morneau)

And late this afternoon, a rainbow over the building that, when finished, will be the new Sanzhi Presbyterian Church….

So, two splashes of sunshine in a single day ~ God is good!

PS: Updated today, Monday May 22, with this baby owl found today at St. John’s University – minus its parents….  it is a Collared Scops Owl (Otus lettia) 領角鴞

Isn’t it gorgeous?  Yes, another day, another splash of sunshine!

Thanks be to God again, and again!

2 thoughts on “A Splash of Sunshine….”

  1. Hi Catherine,

    And I got my splash of sunshine when I receive a post card with birthday wishes and some really nice words from one of my dear mission partners ☺ I don’t know if you know her??? She has a great personality and an amazing blogs ☺ – always full of energy

    Thank you so much that was very special. Tanas will be all up for a ride on the bike ☺ It will not be if but more when….

    Thanks for the poem below.



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