Four Four South Village 四四南村, Taipei

There’s no escaping Taipei 101 ~ it towers over everything in the Xinyi District of Taipei ~ including the old military dependents’ village of Sisinan 四四南村 (Four Four South Village), which is high on the list for tourists, who love taking photos of Taipei 101 and in front of the coloured doors.

The buildings have a lot of character….


But it’s really hard to get all of Taipei 101 and the old buildings in the photo – diagonal is the best!


Ah yes, blue sky, warm temperatures, what a great autumn so far ~ and Taipei’s looking great!

3 thoughts on “Four Four South Village 四四南村, Taipei”

  1. Hi Catherine..

    So how tall is it? Can you get to the top of the tower ?

    Have a wonderful weekend!



    1. Taipei 101? Well, as its name says, it’s 101 floors high – with a viewing observatory on 89th floor and outside viewing area on 91st floor, and fastest elevators in the world to get you up there in 35 seconds!

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