The Very First Banksy Exhibition opens in Taipei!

Banksy: The Authentic Rebel” Exhibition has opened in a Taipei Shopping Mall, and it’s great! Free entry. On until March 24.

There’s 25 art pieces on display, and it’s all arranged by Phillips the auction people – apparently the first Banksy exhibition in Taipei!

The Girl with Balloon screen print is perhaps the most famous, it’s now worth £80,000 after the shredding of the canvas at an auction last year. “Created as a stencil street art piece in 2002, the image of a young girl with her hand stretched toward a heart-shaped red balloon has become a symbol of political protests — such as during the Syrian civil war in 2014″….

Quoting Picasso, Banksy wrote on his post: “The urge to destroy is also a creative urge — Picasso” …

These are my favourites at the exhibition…

And the one that made me smile is the one with the shopping trolleys, titled ‘Trolley Hunters’...

So if you’re in Taipei this week, then do go and visit!

6 thoughts on “The Very First Banksy Exhibition opens in Taipei!”

  1. Hi Catherine,
    How amazing! Banksy is well known in Bethlehem and if you ever go there you must go to the Walled Off hotel – or perhaps stay there. It’s a hotel that is decorated partly by Banksy and partly by Palestinian designers – every room is different – it’s absolutely fabulous. As anything Banksy is involved in – it makes a statement ☺



  2. Brilliant…thanks for sharing it ! Hoping all well with you .

    Please pray for the folk in Mozambique etc after the devastating Cyclone last Sunday.

    Love & blessings, John & Sal.

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