Advent Word 2020, Day 6 ‘Fellowship’

#AdventWord #Fellowship

If you recognize your sin, if you recognize your need for love and guidance, if you recognize that your life is missing the joy and abundance that Jesus is offering, then accept His invitation and take a seat at the table to eat, drink, and have fellowship with Him. The isolation you are experiencing is caused by your resistance to live into the vocation you have been called to as a child of God.

Here’s to Taiwan and Osaka, companion dioceses now for 15 years! Bishop Haruhisa Iso and his wife from Osaka, Japan (right) and Bishop Lennon Y. R. Chang and his wife Hannah (left), welcomed by Rev. Keith C. C. Lee, Mr. Jake Hung and his wife, Shiao-Ping to Good Shepherd Church, Taipei, the day after Bishop Chang’s consecration, February 23, 2020.

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