Advent Word 2020, Day 13 ‘Word’

#AdventWord #Word

A singular word can change the world. The Word created us, and it comes to us in flesh through Jesus; it has been given to you and me. If we do not listen carefully, we can miss it being spoken to us. If we do not embody and share it ourselves, we miss the opportunity to be transformed and to bring transformation. This world yearns for a word. This world yearns for a messenger. This world yearns for you. May we accept the call this day, to receive that Word, to embody it, and, most importantly, to share it.

Presentation from then Bishop-Elect Lennon Yuan-Rung Chang to Presiding Bishop Michael Curry on the eve of his consecration, February 21, 2020 ~ the gift of a traditional Chinese scroll, specially commissioned for the occasion by one of Bishop Chang’s former classmates. The words at the top of the actual scroll read right to left ~ here written left to right: 愛是永不止息 from 1 Cor. 13:8, translated as ‘Love never fails.’

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