North of the Border…

Scotland, ah what a great country ~ where even the peacock butterflies pose for a photo!

I was just there for 10 days, first getting my travel injections, and then moved on visiting friends. It’s a beautiful place! Spent most of the time talking, listening, discussing, enjoying catching up with friends. Thanks to all for their welcomes and hospitality. It’s a very cheerful place to be, and everyone I met speaks well of Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland, ah we had plenty of discussions! Anyway, first to East Lothian, Bass Rock, Preston Mill and Seacliff Harbour – the UK’s smallest harbour, only big enough for one boat ….

Then up to Perthshire…

Back to the Firth of Forth, and this is the statue in Lower Largo, birthplace of Alexander Selkirk, the inspiration for Robinson Crusoe…

To South Queensferry, to see the Forth Bridges….

And to West Kilbride, on the west coast near Ardrossan, with views towards the Isle of Arran…

Passed through the borders between Moffat and Selkirk…

Loved all the horses…

And of course the coos! The Highland Cows are so iconic of Scotland, that now I even have a Hairy Cow Hot Water Bottle (actually 2) all ready for winter!

Ah yes, winter, bring it on, I’m all ready! 🥶😬😁

4 thoughts on “North of the Border…”

  1. Good morning Catherine,  Lovely to see the photos and hear of all the places you’ve visited in Scotland. Looking forward to seeing you soon. We love to visit Scotland too. Nicky.

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