St. James Church, Taichung 飛揚(肥羊)小組!

飛揚小組 is one of the 5 small cell-groups at St. James’ Church, Taichung ~ and all 5 have delightful names.  Just think, this group could well be called the Wednesday Evening Cell group, after all that’s when they usually meet ~ but that would be so boring and unimaginative.  Instead it is called 飛揚 Fei-Yang, which in a Christian context is often used to mean something like ‘Flying everywhere to share the Gospel’….

Cell groups have gone from strength to strength at St. James, a wonderful way of growing the church, and sharing and deepening faith.  In this group are several who have been baptized very recently and are now preparing for confirmation.  Occasionally they gather at the home of one of their members for tea and sharing and dinner.  Last Saturday was one of those fun days ~ and somehow I found myself there too….

With all this eating, some suggest the group could be renamed 肥羊 rather than 飛揚 – both are pronounced Fei-Yang (only a tone apart); perhaps appropriately 肥羊 means ‘Fat Sheep’ ha ha ha!

Such a fun time had by all!

Taizé Day at Good Shepherd Church….

Good Shepherd Church, Taipei hosted its first Taizé Day on Saturday ~ a whole day from 9:00am to 7:00pm….. and it was wonderful!


Morning, midday and evening prayer times were the highlight, with talks and sharing in-between, including 3 young people who’ve recently been to Taizé sharing their experiences…. plus Brother Lucas, a real live Taizé brother from Hong Kong.  More than 150 came along, including some participants who came specially all the way from central and southern Taiwan…


Most appropriate that this should take place right in the middle of Lent, and right in the middle of a growing political crisis with student protesters occupying the Legislature in Taipei ~ we pray that justice and peace may prevail…


What is amazing about Taizé is that it’s so ecumenical that all Christian denominations are welcome to receive Holy Communion, and all churches participated on Saturday – Roman Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant.  Everyone receiving Communion together in the same service is such a wonderful witness!


The Taipei Taizé Team did a great job ~ here they are, with Brother Lucas in the middle…


Next year is the 75th anniversary of the Taizé Community – and here’s to the next 75!

Pandas World Tour hits Taipei!

Yep, there’s currently 1,600 of them right there in central Taipei – and only a few minutes walk from where the the student protesters are occupying the Legislature.  Such contrasting scenes – but all involve large numbers and a lot of sitting around, which is what both the students and the pandas are doing…

Pandas World Tour started with the World Wildlife Fund and the number 1,600 is reckoned to be how many real live pandas there are, 3 of which are in Taipei Zoo – baby panda Yuan-Zai is Taiwan’s latest ‘cute’ obsession.  So this world tour comes at a good time, and quite the best article about it is in UK’s Daily Mail here, surprise….

Happened to pass by Chiang-Kai Shek Memorial and Freedom Plaza yesterday, amazed to see so many people and pandas (and 200 Formosan Black Bears in there too)….

And today it’s pouring with rain, and all the pandas are dressed up in plastic raincoats….

Amazing eh?  Well, no-one could ever say that Taipei is a boring city!

Yes to God, Yes to Mission, Yes to Taiwan!