All black and white…..

It’s the end of the school year and exams loom large for many…

For our students at St. John’s University classes, exams and graduation are all over, and students all vacated the campus this past weekend.  Many are sad to leave.  It’s soooooo quiet without them all!

For our neighbouring junior-high school, the 9th grade students have already graduated and the younger ones are deep in exams, as they are all over the country…

Tragically this past weekend, one of those just-graduated 9th grade students from our neighbouring school was killed in a road accident.  Every year the long summer holiday seems to bring much tragedy in Taiwan, especially on the roads and in the sea, with accidents far too many. When it happens to someone you know, to a child you have taught for the last few years, it all hits home all the more.   Devastating for everyone ~ the family, the friends and those who knew him so well.

Pray for his family, his friends, his school ~ and for safety for everyone during this coming summer….

These photos were taken on the St. John’s University campus this past weekend, on a grey Saturday late afternoon and a bright and sunny early Sunday morning.   Black and White seemed to sum up everyone’s mood ~ and yet in the midst of varying shades of grey, there was some stunning yellow ~ and who can resist a bit of colour?!

Praying for all those who find it difficult to find any colour, any joy, any hope in their lives at this time and may God’s love and grace prevail….

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