Welcoming Mike and Harriet to Taiwan ~ YES!

Just such lovely visitors, as always!

Harriet’s just finished her G.S.C.E’s, so what better treat than to come to visit Taiwan with her dad ~ YES!  First met in Tanzania many years ago ~ and now the family belongs to one of my CMS link churches, St. John’s, Neville’s Cross, Durham ~ such a wonderful church!

Friday night they came and it’s been non-stop ever since…. and hot hot hot!  Taipei 101, Beitou Hot Springs, Tamsui Old Street, Advent Church, Baishawan Beach, St. John’s University, National Palace Museum, Shilin Night Market, C.K.S. Memorial…. plus meals with friends and colleagues ~ just back from drinking tea with Bishop Lai, followed by beef noodles…… yummmmmmmmmmy!

Great hospitality from all, thank you everyone!

Next stop ~ tomorrow we launch forth on the Diocesan Youth Camp ~ YIPPEE!

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