Penghu 澎湖 sun, sea, sand, sky ~ and such a lovely baby!

A great weekend in Penghu with my most-adaptable (go everywhere, do everything!) visitors Mike and Harriet – visiting good friends Feng-Mei and her family at Xiyu Presbyterian Church ~ my second visit (for the first one last August, check out my blog post here), and this time, no typhoon – instead we had wonderful blue skies and seas the whole time…. yippee!

Saw all the sights, swam in the sea, ate all the local delicacies, happened upon a Taiwanese Opera Festival, and joined in the Sunday worship and Sunday School at Xiyu Church….

The highlight was definitely the meals we had in the homes of the church members ~ delicious food, gracious hospitality and wonderful fellowship…  Mike and Harriet’s family testimony is similar to that of Feng-Mei and her husband, involving Tanzania and the prayers of the faithful Tanzanian people ~ and God’s blessing of children…. so there was much to share and many ways to encourage each other!

And then there was the baby (her big sister was away) ~ and isn’t she just so cute?!

Mike kept us entertained with memories of his trips to Scottish islands ~ but just don’t ask him to share about his reading material ~ he came laden with the world’s 2 largest and thickest hardback tomes about the history of the First World War – their covers full of dark trenches and armies, and with dark titles such as ‘Catastrophe’ – ha ha, light reading NOT!

A great weekend ~ thanking God for an amazing place, people, weather and food!

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