The Episcopal Church House of Bishops @ Taiwan ~ Final Day!

Final day maybe, but very busy ~ non-stop action all day!  In fact I got to the Grand Hotel soon after 7:00am and didn’t go out of those doors till 10:30pm – about how long it takes to fly to London lol!

But a wonderful day it was, of course, starting with a closing Eucharist, led by Bishop Lai in English and Chinese, and a great sermon from Chaplain Simón Bautista challenging everyone to travel light as they go home.  But seems our lovely bishops and spouses have received so many gifts from our churches in Taiwan and friends they’ve met, that traveling light is not really an option ~ we spent the day finding boxes and helping to buy suitcases for those who needed extra space!

While the bishops had meetings, we said goodbye to the 3 archbishops from Japan, Philippines and South Korea, sold T-shirts, organised a group of 6 bishops and spouses to go to visit Dharma Drum Mountain today, answered questions, took photos – fun!

And so to the evening, and the final community dinner ~ 183 people in total, including 15 from our own diocese…. we had speeches and presentations, gifts and yep, Bishop Lai organized a great teapot lottery!

Then farewells all round, as groups of bishops and spouses leave today for church visits to Japan, Philippines, Korea or Hong Kong, others stay on a day or two, and some head straight home… wishing them all safe travels, and of course, please come back again soon!

Thanking God for a wonderful, amazing, grace-filled time this last week ~ just incredible!

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