From SJU ~ UK: Welcoming David Li to England!

David Li (yep we have the same surname, just a different way to write it!) is one of our former students at St. John’s University, Taiwan, and he was also an active member of our Chaplaincy student fellowship group. He graduated only a year or so ago and now with his military service all over, he’s had the chance to come to the UK to study English for 6 months.  He’s landed in Stratford-upon-Avon, and guess what? Until yesterday I’d never even been there. Disgraceful, indeed.  Home of William Shakespeare and all that, so thought it was about time I got myself acquainted.

So on my way up north yesterday, had an hour with David at his language school, Oxford House College over lunch. Lovely principal, teachers and staff and lively and friendly students. David clearly loves it!

I also had a spare hour to wander around ye olde worlde town of Stratford-upon-Avon, along with large numbers of tourists, all from Japan and China, all in the pouring rain. But hey, never mind, this is ye olde England, and I’m sure it rained as much in Shakespeare’s day as it did yesterday.  In an hour it’s amazing how much you can see of Stratford, ye olde church where Shakespeare and his family were baptized and are buried, ye olde house where he was born and ye olde town where he hung out all day. And plenty more of the ye olde stuff, all black and white tudor style.  So much history and culture, quite overwhelming.  So it was a bit of a relief to buy our lunch at Greggs and get back to a bit of present-day reality!

Welcome David to Stratford-upon-Avon, and have a great time!

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