Chester ~ must see!

En route to Chester yesterday, stopped to go up Helsby Hill for glorious views over the Mersey, and even in the distance to Liverpool Cathedral…….


Today ~ a beautiful sunny day in the city of Chester ~ walking around the old city walls, passing Britain’s oldest racecourse, the old bridge over the River Dee, the canal, Roman ruins, old city centre and the cathedral.

Very highly recommended ~ going up Chester Cathedral tower. It is just brilliant!  Only £8 and that gets you a tour up the tower with a real live guide who also took us along inside the cathedral but high up, so we could look down on the nave and altar. It was fantastic!  A few weeks ago I was up Durham Cathedral Tower, but that was really scary, you could get right up close to the parapets and look right through the gaps and over.  Chester is much safer, much better and not scary in the least. It’s not as high either, only 216 steps compared to Durham’s 325.  Chester Cathedral Tower is well worth doing and today the views were great.  Cold ~ but great!

Chester is a beautiful city, full of interest and really well-preserved, great city walls to walk around and the best thing – definitely the cathedral tower – you MUST go up if you have the chance, AMAZING!

3 thoughts on “Chester ~ must see!”

  1. Chester is a lovely city. Durham what a lovely city. We love both. Phil comes from Llay near Wrexham, and I come from Durham. We are now in Beccles which is a great place to live. We are glad you are getting around Catherine. We really enjoyed your visit to us, and we are loving your blog, or are they blogs-plural?

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