CMS Discovery Day @ Kendal, Cumbria

So excited to see my good friends Mary and Margaret come from Sedbergh to attend the CMS Discovery Day at St. Thomas’ Church, Kendal yesterday ~ and wow, it was some day!

Jam-packed full of amazing activities for children and adults ~ the morning all about Taiwan, with me talking to the adults, and the children busy too ~ the afternoon all about the UK, with Jenny Green sharing about her life and ministry in Bradford since returning from Uganda.

Tons of really great Taiwan activities organized by the CMS group for the children – and some for the adults, including Chinese lanterns, paper-cutting, Chinese characters, origami, chopstick competition, kite-making, writing prayers.  The origami doves and prayers then mounted on a big wall-frieze around a Taiwan flag.   Looked beauitful!

But before all that, we started with a quiz about Taiwan and worship with everyone learning a Chinese chorus, and prayers.  In the middle we had ‘bring and share’ lunch of yummy Chinese food, and Taiwan Oolong tea too.  And after Jenny had challenged everyone about what they are doing in their own villages and towns in the local area, we wrote place names and prayers on little Union Jack flags and planted them at the front.

All of us inspired to go out and share the Gospel right where we are!

With many thanks to the CMS group in Cumbria and N. Lancs for all their ideas, hard work and warm welcome, plus all the lovely people at St. Thomas.  A really wonderful day ~ YES!

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