Welcoming Nicky and Harriet to Taiwan ~ YES!

And not a dull moment since they arrived either ~ the two of them are just so hilarious, it’s non-stop entertainment all day long!

Harriet was here in Taiwan with her dad, Mike 2 years ago (see that blog post here) just after finishing her GCSE’s, and now she’s just done her A Levels and waiting for results, so hey, what a great opportunity to come back ‘n visit Taiwan!  And this time she’s come with her mum, Nicky ~ all the way from one of my great CMS link churches, St. John’s, Neville’s Cross, Durham, UK.

So we’ve been everywhere that’s anywhere since they arrived on Monday night, and tried every kind of famous drink and famous food available, all yummy deliciousness (just don’t mention the stinky tofu!) and especially a whole lot of noodles and dumplings.

Many of my good friends have very very kindly hosted meals and trips out, so wonderful, and a big thank you!

So we’ve been all round the Greater Taipei area ~ Tamsui, Baishawan Beach, National Palace Museum, Grand Hotel, Shilin Night Market, CKS Memorial, Becker Violin Shop …. at which point it was Thursday afternoon and Typhoon Nepartak announced its imminent arrival ~ so we stopped overnight at the diocesan office hostel in Taipei and Bishop Lai generously hosted us to meals and tea-drinking, while we watched the rain outside.  Taipei was spared the worst by far, but it was a typhoon-holiday so we were kinda grounded until the middle of the day….

Back home after the typhoon and a very special day yesterday with 4 of our very lovely students – by train to Shifen, famous for its waterfall, the broadest in Taiwan, and very full after all the rain from the typhoon.  And also to Jiufen, famous for, well, everything!  We had rain, rain and more rain, but y’know, it was such fun!

Today to Advent Church in the sun, but by the time we came home it was thundering and later raining.  We spent this evening visiting our great friends, the Tan family, and enjoying more delicious yumminess!

Yep, as you can see we’re having such a great time!

And tomorrow off on a little trip to see a bit more of this beautiful island ~ yippee!

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