Starting Now ~ Community English Class @ St. John’s Cathedral, Taipei!

Yes, a brand new English Class at St. John’s Cathedral for church members and local people, every Thursday afternoon from 3:00 – 4:30 pm, 8 times this semester, and we started yesterday!  Here we all are!


This class is partly a result of a request from our new-and-about-to-be-installed dean, Rev. Philip L. F. Lin who spent April to July this year visiting the Episcopal Diocese of New York. His English improved a lot while he was there, and he hopes it will improve further now he’s back in Taiwan.  It’s also partly because a group of lovely ladies from St. John’s Cathedral, led by Rev. Elizabeth Wei, visited Advent Church a few months ago and found themselves observing our Advent Church Community English Class ~ and hence the idea was born, maybe we could have a similar kind of English Class at St. John’s Cathedral! Thursday is the day I usually go to the diocesan office in Taipei anyway, and so it’s easier to fit a class in.

We’re aiming at people who have learned English in the past at school – so they have already got the basics, but have had little chance to practice speaking and are maybe lacking in confidence.  We focus on listening and talking, and the class includes a Bible Story.  It’s relaxed and fun and there’s no pressure.  Such a great group so far, lots of lovely, enthusiastic and very friendly ladies – although only one man, Rev. Philip Lin himself!

Please pray for this new venture – and if you’re free, come along and see how we’re getting on!

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